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Sprott’s spot plan a strong tailwind for Boss. Plus, copper stocks show uranium peers what boom times are like as investors throw cash at them.

It’s game on in the uranium market. If there is any doubt about that, take a look at the share price performance of a clutch of ASX-listed explorers in the past week. Boss Energy (BOE) up 25%, Vimy (VMY) up 16%, Deep Yellow (DYL) up 25%, and Marenica up 40%. The share price gains are a response by the long-beaten-up sector to a cascade of positive developments over the same time frame.

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Plus, Legend and Breaker show why patience can be a key ingredient in exploration and impending float of Black Canyon to give manganese-hungry investors another option.

Inca Minerals (ICG) must be feeling like a little boy pushing a wheelbarrow – it’s all of ahead the company. In a short time frame time too, with game-changing potential to boot, something it could be argued is not yet reflected in the group’s $50m market cap (12.5c) a share. First up, there’s the excitement around the company’s exposure to the East Tennant region of the Northern Territory. It’s where government-funded drilling has confirmed the frontier region’s potential to host large-scale iron oxide copper gold deposits.

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Plus, our whisper last week on Rumble proved well-founded but don’t forget Zenith, Beament begins his goodbyes at Northern Star, Sovereign prepares for maiden rutile resource and Biswas has a crack at cryptos

The turnaround in the lithium market has been remarkable stuff, with the key battery material swept up in the global “green” investment boom in the decarbonisation of transport and energy. The resultant surge in lithium prices in the opening months of 2021 has seen last year’s beaten-up lithium stocks recapture their darling status. Pilbara (PLS) tells the tale. In the depth of despair over COVID-19 a year ago, Pilbara could be bought for 18c. It has since climbed to $1.11.

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Plus, there is a buzz around Rumble’s impending zinc-lead assays and IGO prepares to start drilling at Boadicea’s Fraser Range plot.

The copper stocks weren’t in need of a confidence boost with the red metal continuing to trade at more than $US4.10-/lb. They got one anyway during the week when Goldman Sachs made the call that copper was necessarily on the path to an eye-watering $US6.80/lb in 2025. It was based on a familiar thematic – copper is essential to global decarbonisation and that after a couple of years of supply surplus caused by new production from mines being built now, a chronic supply deficit emerges.

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Plus, Firefly’s move to set manganese Firebird free delivers windfall for shareholders and has Tolga got an elephant by the trunk at Aston?

It is a nice problem to have when on-going drilling continues to return high-grades hits of increasing thickness at depth. And so it is with New World Resources (NWC), last mentioned here in June last year when it was a 1.3c stock with a $13 million market cap. NWC is now a 10.5c stock with a market cap of $140m on expanded capital, so it’s been a 10-bagger anyway it’s cut. The excitement around the stock is due its high-grade Antler copper project in north-western Arizona. Think the heartland of the US copper industry, and saguaro cacti.

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Centaurus sell-off on so-called nickel breakthrough highlights renewed value in a sector set to clean-up on green energy. Plus, DFS on FYI’s HPA points to bumper NPV.

The nickel stocks would like to forget their “Ides of March” moment when the stainless steel and lithium-ion battery material tumbled 12% lower in a hurry. The early March fall was a response to China’s Tsingshan announcing it was entering the battery materials space with a nickel matte product (75% nickel) from its Indonesia laterite operations.

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Plus, nothing in DGO share price for exploration programs now underway and Australian Strategic Minerals winning strong support for its downstream processing play.

Anyone in need of a Pink Floyd cover band to help celebrate a stock market killing would be best advised to contact Coda Minerals (ASX:COD) boss, the bass-playing Chris Stevens. Pink Floyd cover bands are few and far between. The same can said about copper-focussed junior explorers on the ASX. And that is what the musically-named Coda is after its IPO in October last year which pulled in $8.5m at 30c a share to fund the copper hunt, initially at its Elizabeth Creek project in South Australia’s Olympic Dam province.

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Calidus poised for re-rating on production growth and there’s takeover talk around De Grey. Plus, analysts see much upside in emerging mineral sands producer Strandline. But will big neighbour Iluka share their view?

The beaten up gold stocks are back in town thanks to the metal clawing itself back to $US1750/oz, with US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell doing his bit by pledging to keep interest rates low for years to come. Still, the 10% fall in the gold price in the last six months has been sobering stuff for local gold equities which have also had to soak up a rise in the Aussie dollar, the net effect of which has been a $A420oz compression of margins in the period.

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