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Plus, production challenges in the iron ore game point to prices continuing to beat bearish forecasts, which is good news for the new band of leveraged juniors like Fenix.

The rebound of the lithium sector has been nothing short of spectacular. So much so, it is fair enough for investors to wonder if the recovery from two years of misery when over-supply concerns dominated is all said and done. During that two years of misery, the commentary was that as lithium is abundant, which it is, demand would for ever and a day be comfortably met by the next big expansion, or the next big project.

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Sunstone hoping imminent drilling program in Ecuador will reveal such a beast. And Bellevue dangles juicy carrot with bumper drilling results which point to increased production. But will a peer pounce before then?

Glencore’s not-so-retiring retiring CEO Ivan Glasenberg has added his voice to the call that $US6.80/lb ($US15,000t) copper prices are required to incentivise the new production needed to meet the wave of demand coming for the electrification of everything. His call followed an earlier one by Goldman Sachs which was more specific in that copper would peak at Glasenberg’s $US6.80/b – it is currently $US4.19/lb compared with its 2020CY average of $US2.72/lb  – as soon as 2025.

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Plus, Antipa tantalises investors with a tale of nine rigs and four programs while Talisman counts the cash from a juicy iron ore royalty.

Back in the day, state schoolboys and girls would sit around the fire at the school camp and sing kumbaya. And they probably still do. It was different for the boys-only private schools. They preferred to sing about Daddy’s portfolio. One of their favourites went like this: We’ve shares in the very best companies; In tramways, tobacco and tin; In brothels in Rio ‘Janeiro; By god how the money rolls in. Singing about tobacco and brothels is not encouraged nowadays, and private investment in tramways is not an option.

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Boss Energy set to feed investor appetite for near-term uranium producers with release of pivotal feasibility study. Plus, the runaway share prices of Coda and Sovereign show we were on the mark. And Black Canyon prepares to drill

Uranium stands as the coiled spring of the commodities space. At some point, the price of the nuclear fuel is going to take off. That’s the broad expectation out there. Ask around about the commodity to watch in the next 12 months and the answer increasingly comes back as uranium. Maybe so, but the reality is that at $US32/lb (spot), the uranium price remains well below the $US60/lb price considered necessary to incentivise the investment in new supply required to fill the ever-widening gap between supply and long-term demand.

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Plus, strong copper price boosting Stavely’s story and it’s game-on at Colosseum for Dateline.

There is half a dozen or so good sized graphite stocks on the ASX with ambitions to become a producer of the key anode material in lithium-ion batteries. The world will need them too, with broad agreement that a supply deficit will emerge around 2023 as the electric vehicle and the storage of renewable energy revolution hits top gear. Prices for the material are reflecting that, having recently bounced from last year’s drastic lows.

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Little-known $10m Traka out to repeat Lefroy’s porphyry success and Kin wins support with 22m at 9gpt in first-up drilling.

A mix of copper and gold in an orebody – or gold and copper depending on the grade of the respective metals – is a wonderful thing to have. It’s why Australia’s lowest-cost gold production (with the help of copper credits) comes from Newcrest’s Cadia mine, and why the copper mines of Sandfire and Oz Minerals are low-cost producers of the red metal (with the help of gold credits).

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Analysts point to scope for inventory growth and reduced costs. Plus, Centaurus set to lift the lid on its value-adding strategy to supply much-needed nickel to lithium battery makers.

Gold equities are lighting up again thanks to the metal standing tall with its 5.5% price gain in the past 30 days while all around it – including “new gold” cryptocurrencies – have come under the pump. A belief that inflation from the COVID economic recovery is not as transitory as a reluctant-to-taper US Federal Reserve believes, has been behind gold’s $US200/oz rise from March lows to $US1868/oz.

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The Pilbara Minerals founder plans to do it all again. And Liontown’s new MD is embarking on a roadshow of his own to explain the key points of difference around his company’s big WA lithium project.

It is almost six years since Neil Biddle hit the Eastern States on a roadshow for a then-obscure little thing called Pilbara Minerals. Pilbara (PLS) was trading at 5c a share at the time for a market cap of $32 million and it has to be said that Biddle got a lot of confused looks from investors at the June 2015 investor lunches in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Pegmatites? Spodumene? Lithium? Electric vehicle revolution? What was he on about? Pass the bottle.

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