After the building comes the painting, an odd observation but one that could be profitable for investors prepared to look beyond trade-war headlines and see how the same building boom in China that is helping lift the iron ore price should soon lift demand for titanium dioxide (reports TimTreadgold in The Australian). Connecting the dots that link the China v US trade war to form a picture that shows increased demand for paint — and other “end of cycle” commodities such as copper — is not hard because it has happened repeatedly in the past.

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Sentiment in the junior mining space has reached “peak despondency” and could be ripe for a turning point, according to a respected fund manager (reports The West Australian). Delivering the keynote address at the Resources Rising Stars conference on the Gold Coast, Lion Selection Group investment manager Hedley Widdup says a resurgence in M&A activity at the major end of the resources sector could usher in growing interest in the junior end of the market as the big players go looking for growth.

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Plus, which WA gold miner spurned St Barbara?

The trickledown effect of the surge in iron ore prices in response to Vale’s January 25 tailings dam disaster is starting to take effect. Project proposals consigned to history when iron ore prices tanked some years back are being dusted off in the hope that the $US100/t prices are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Rare earth stocks woke with a jolt this week

Rare earth stocks woke with a jolt this week, for the same reason iron ore stocks have been on fire. Both sectors are winners from the increasingly dangerous trade war which has pitted the US against China. The iron ore rally is well understood. It’s an event driven by a supply squeeze courtesy of problems in Brazil and demand-pull courtesy of China stimulating its economy to offset declining exports to the US.

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Diamonds from Lucapa Diamond Company’s 70%-owned Mothae mine have sold for A$5 million (reports MiningNews).

Diamonds from Lucapa Diamond Company’s 70%-owned Mothae mine have sold for A$5 million (reports MiningNews). The mine, in Lesotho, is a partnership with the government. The second tender, comprising a parcel of 7008 carats, sold in Antwerp for US$3.5 million. The tender included prices of up to $26,000 per carat paid. Lucapa managing director Stephen Wetherall said the latest tender results continued to underline Mothae's status as one of a select few global mines capable of producing high-value diamonds on a consistent basis.

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Plus, investors’ eyes turn to PolarX as the new field season beckons

The Kambalda nickel camp is stirring again some 53 years after WMC (acquired by BHP in 2005) drilled the KD1 discovery hole, with Mincor boss David Southam positioning the company to be in the thick of things. The Vietnam War and prolonged nickel mine strikes in Canada underpinned the nickel price spurt which led to WMC’s breakthrough discovery at Kambalda, 60km south of Kalgoorlie.

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Lucapa Diamond Co, which shot to prominence after unearthing a series of massive diamonds in Angola, has recovered its biggest diamond to date from its new mine in Lesotho (reports The Australian). Lucapa went into a trading halt yesterday pending the announcement of what it said was a “significant diamond recovery”. It is understood the company has found a 100 carat-plus diamond from its Mothae mine in Lesotho, where it started production earlier this year.

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And the word from on high is good news for leveraged battery juniors like Mincor and Liontown; Plus, Bellevue dangles the resource-upgrade carrot and analysts line up to tip big things for Strandline

FOMO among major miners BHP and Rio Tinto was on full display in Barcelona this week at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch mining conference. And it had nothing to do with whether they would be invited by the fun people to the various knees-ups up at the tapas bars up down La Rambla. Nope, it was all about the major miners declaring they were part of the electric vehicle and renewable energy storage revolution.

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