Plus, Antipa tantalises investors with a tale of nine rigs and four programs while Talisman counts the cash from a juicy iron ore royalty.

Back in the day, state schoolboys and girls would sit around the fire at the school camp and sing kumbaya. And they probably still do. It was different for the boys-only private schools. They preferred to sing about Daddy’s portfolio. One of their favourites went like this: We’ve shares in the very best companies; In tramways, tobacco and tin; In brothels in Rio ‘Janeiro; By god how the money rolls in. Singing about tobacco and brothels is not encouraged nowadays, and private investment in tramways is not an option.

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Exploration and discovery news will become more important than ever for investors in Australian resources after this week’s intervention by China in commodity markets followed by another warning from the U.S. that higher interest rates are on the way.

The Chinese plan to sell surplus material from government stockpiles of critical metals such as copper and nickel has had a dampening effect on prices, while the U.S. central bank’s interest rate signal mean that gold faces a tough time. Both of those events at the top of the investment food chain had been widely expected as markets rattled by the Covid-19 pandemic start to normalise, radiating out ripples of uncertainty.

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An increase in steel prices coupled with burgeoning demand for high quality ore from Chinese producers should keep iron ore miners buoyant

An increase in steel prices coupled with burgeoning demand for high quality ore from Chinese producers should keep iron ore miners buoyant in the third quarter as their copper-focused counterparts slide on softening prices, according to investment bank Jefferies (reports MiningNews).

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RareX (ASX:REE) has strengthened its executive team to help drive development of its Cummins Range rare earths project and exploration work (reports Stockhead).

The company has appointed James Durrant as its general manager of projects to oversee studies at the flagship Cummins Range project in Western Australia’s East Kimberley region. Cummins Range has a current inferred resource of 13 million tonnes at 13 per cent total rare earth oxides for 147 million kg of TREO.

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Boss Energy set to feed investor appetite for near-term uranium producers with release of pivotal feasibility study. Plus, the runaway share prices of Coda and Sovereign show we were on the mark. And Black Canyon prepares to drill

Uranium stands as the coiled spring of the commodities space. At some point, the price of the nuclear fuel is going to take off. That’s the broad expectation out there. Ask around about the commodity to watch in the next 12 months and the answer increasingly comes back as uranium. Maybe so, but the reality is that at $US32/lb (spot), the uranium price remains well below the $US60/lb price considered necessary to incentivise the investment in new supply required to fill the ever-widening gap between supply and long-term demand.

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It gave the world Covid-19 and now it looks like China is giving the world inflation and while some people might not see the connection between Covid and inflation, they are both a threat and an opportunity for investors.

To understand the significance of an inflationary outbreak, you only have to look back 18 months to see how a disease can turn financial markets upside down. Heavy losses at the start and fat profits later. Inflation, if allowed to rise too far, is an equally dangerous infection which destroys the value of certain types of investment (especially cash), but the flipside is that it improves the performance of hard physical assets such as property, gold and other commodities.

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OZZ Resources is typical of a burgeoning crop of WA initial public offerings in the junior resources space (reports The West Australian).

A couple of blokes with mining pedigree seizing a window of opportunity to compile a few projects, form a company, raise some equity and join the ranks of ASX-listed explorers. After years of weakness in the junior IPO market, positive sentiment has returned, spurred on by surging commodity prices and a bullish outlook for metals. ASX data shows 22 resources-related floats have raised $482.3 million so far this year ahead of their listings on the local bourse.

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Joint venture partners Coda Minerals and Torrens Mining have uncovered intense iron oxide-copper gold (IOCG) alteration with copper-sulphide mineralisation

intense iron oxide-copper gold (IOCG) alteration with copper-sulphide mineralisation while drilling at the Emmie Bluff Deeps target within the Elizabeth Creek copper project in South Australia (reports Small Caps). The first deep diamond hole drilled at the target encountered a sequence of approximately 200m of intensely haematitic and altered sediments and granites, including 50m of moderate-to-intense copper-sulphide mineralisation consisting of chalcocite, chalcopyrite and bornite.

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