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Plus, unloved Cassini tipped to bounce back as investors digest Oz Minerals deal

Plenty of CEOs think their company’s shares are undervalued. Some have a point, most don’t. Mel Palancian, managing director of the ASX’s only pure (producing) zinc play, Red River (RVR), is in the former category, and he made his case at the Melbourne Mining Club’s Cutting Edge series during the week. There was some emotion to it too, with Palancian saying he feared a low-ball takeover bid as he sees a lot more value for shareholders than the current $135m market capitalisation (28c a share) implies.

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Plus, strong drilling results for Zinc of Ireland worthy of more investor attention

Finding some upside in the ASX-listed zinc stocks has become a big ask of late. Pretty much all of them have had a mighty run on the back of zinc’s massive price recovery in response to the closure of same big-name mines after they were mined out, Glencore’s pulling of 500,000 tonnes of annual production from the market pending the return of higher price and China’s environmental crackdown on its domestic industry. Zinc is now fetching $US1.46/lb. The 54% price gain on last (calendar) year’s average of US95c/lb puts the metal at 10-year highs.

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And will Perseus’ forecast production increases get the stock out of the sin bin?

Cobalt is a key metal in the dominant lithium-ion battery chemistries, meaning demand for the stuff is being swept along by the biggest disruptive industrial event since Henry Ford’s Model T hit the roads in the early 1900s – the electric vehicle revolution. The problem is that 65% of the world’s cobalt is sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the artisinally-produced component of that – think child labour and shocking working conditions – accounting for some 15%.

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Plus, Great Boulder sets pulses – and shares – racing with wide sulphide hits at Mt Venn copper-nickel project in WA

It’s no big deal to find a couple of million ounces of low grade gold in West Africa. But it’s another thing altogether if the resource base comes with seriously high-grade shoots that can sweeten head grades to make a project a real money spinner. The latter is the position West African Resources (WAF) finds itself in at its Sanbrado gold project in sunny Burkina Faso courtesy of the game-changing high-grade results from the M1 South shoots.

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Plus, our prediction of a re-rating for Echo Resources is now reverberating through the market

No one much cared earlier this year when there was a particularly nasty takeover battle between Lithium Australia (LIT) as the suitor and Lepidico (LPD) as the target. The pair are looking to disrupt the lithium market, built as it is on hard-rock spodumene concentrates and subsurface brines, with their separately developed hydrometallurgical processes that have lithium-bearing micas as the starting point.

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Plus, Macquarie says the price outlook for cobalt is superb, albeit a bit bumpy, for years to come, thanks to electric vehicles.

Until quite recently, the share price performance of Meteoric Resources (ASX:MEI) was anything but meteoric. Trading at a princely 1c a share in the opening months of the year, the market clearly wasn’t interested in its Webb diamond exploration joint venture in Western Australia or its Warrego North/Tennant Creek copper-gold hunt in the Northern Territory for that matter.

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Plus, Great Boulder set to drill numerous large copper-nickel conductors, Breaker ticks the metallurgy box and Anglo Australian thinks big on Kalgoorlie’s doorstep.

Iggy Tan was ahead of his time when he set up Galaxy Resources (GXY) to prosper from the lithium-ion battery boom. Galaxy is now a $1.2 billion company. But when Iggy left the company in June 2013, the boom had not arrived as expected and times were tough for the company and for Iggy himself. But since 2014 Iggy has been nurturing his new baby, Altech Chemicals (ATC). And like his ahead-of-the-curve work in the lithium space with Galaxy, Iggy is now doing the same for Altech in the fast-growing high-purity alumina (HPA) space.

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Only a sad old grump wouldn’t be getting a buzz from the modern-day gold rush taking shape in the Pilbara.

Only a sad old grump wouldn’t be getting a buzz from the modern-day gold rush taking shape in the Pilbara. Quad bikes loaded with metal detectors and jack hammers are barrelling through the bush in pursuit of the melon seed-sized gold nuggets to be had from the region’s extensive Witwatersrand-type conglomerates. It’s a sight to behold.

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